Traveling and Corona Virus

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That's right. My friend. As I am recording this podcast, I am not home. I am not in Brazil. I am abroad and I am going to tell you this story that's not based on real events. It is. The real event itself. Right? So now let me tell you, I'm going to divide this story and this, um, episode into four parts. The first part, I'm going to tell you my  pre adventure and then I'm going to tell you about the adventure and how it turned out.

Okay. So on the first part. Listen carefully because using this true story, we can use it as a, as a magic story. And I can ask you questions. You can answer the questions retell my story and my dear friend who killed

right, so let's do this. Well, on the Friday, I believe it was the 13th yes, the 13th of March. It was last Friday. I left  Belo Horizonte. And, um, we flew, we flew from Belo to Sao Paulo and from Sao paulo to Santiago, Chile. We arrived in Santiago, and then we headed for Mendoza.

Well, this was last week was the 13th. And we knew. What was going on. We knew about the Corona virus. We knew about the risks, and we knew about the problem that had been going on around the world. The thing is, it hadn't, um, reached South America so much, and. We thought that it would be okay that we wouldn't have many problems regarding, you know, the threats of the virus.

Right. The virus threat. Anyway, we arrived in  in Mendoza on a Friday evening. And we enjoyed, we had a blast. It was great. Right? So we had dinner on Friday night and on Saturday morning , we drove to, what's the name of the, of the place we went to. We went to that vineyard. .  Vale de Uco.  And so we drove down to Vale de Uco  and we visited some vineyards.

We had lunch there and so on, on, on Sunday. We had a blast. On Sunday, we went out with some friends to, to Chandon. Which is a great place where they make the, the sparkling wines. And, and we really had fun right now on Monday. We started to notice a certain move towards a situation of lockdown. Do you know what a lockdown situation is?

That's exactly what's going on in Brazil right now. The governments, the officials, by law, they decide that almost every single office business in the city needs to shut down, close their doors. So here in Mendoza, I am in Mendoza. If you, if you don't know about that, I'm in Mendoza. And. And we noticed that there was this move, you know, going towards, the the lockdown.

Some bodega's has started canceling the visitations for the week. , government's announcing the closing of the borders. That was a scary, and things started to feel a little bit strange. Not to mention my friend, the flood of messages on social media videos. Fake news  scaring the hell out of us and, and my girlfriend  started to panic.

I tried to remain calm and rational, but let me tell you something. Trying to remain calm when your girlfriend is panicking is something very, very hard to do. Yeah. Our plan was to catch a flight to Santiago as soon as possible. Right. Well, actually, no, this was the after panicking, that was, that was the after panic plan, our or regional plan.

was to catch a flight to the Santiago spend four nights there, enjoy the city of Santiago and fly back to Brazil on Saturday, on Saturday morning. One of the first rumors we heard was that Santiago was about to close their borders on Wednesday and plus. They might want to keep foreigners in quarantine as soon as they arrive.

So these were the rumors we had to make a decision. On Tuesday. We decided to stay in Mendoza and catch the first direct flight to Brazil. But the thing is, they were either sold out or canceled, we couldn't find a flight to Brazil direct flights of Brazil. from Mendoza on Tuesday or Wednesday, or a Thursday.

So the flight we got was set to go on a Friday afternoon. As I said, all the other possible flights before were canceled or sold out. So here we are. Stuck in the hotel in Mendoza until Friday. Well then I thought it's not that bad. Our hotel is great, so we're going to enjoy ourselves to a great hotel, swimming pool, spas, sauna, and good food.

Right?  wrong my friend. As soon as we came back to the hotel, they shut down most of the operations such as pool, gym, spa, most restaurants and cafes. So all we had was our room. Well, okay, no problem. We'll enjoy the restaurants in the city right. Mm. Not really from Tuesday on... The city closed most of the stores, restaurants, tourist attractions and everything else.

Well, some bars and restaurants are still open, but they're a very few, and these are the ones that are still making our stay a little more pleasant. We went out for a walk this afternoon. We could find a nice cafe and we had some beer and the girls had some wine. It was nice. The city of Mendoza is great.

What is not great is the city of Mendoza during an emergency lockdown. People are scared. Many of them don't have much information about the virus or the situation, and some of them were even rude to us. As if this was all our fault. It's been an interesting experience so far. And here is the question, what have I learned from this?

Well, I can give you a few facts. Number one, this is serious, my friend. And it concerns all of us. This is our responsibility. Number two, these measures, these lockdown measures are necessary and things could be worse if these measures hadn't been taken. Third, I could notice that some governments are faster in action than others.

Some people are more law abiding. I mean, people will be the law more often than others. And last but not least, my friend, it's time to take action to protect ourselves. It's time to stop for one moment, thinking only about yourself and think about this problem as. Our problem. It's our community. It's our world that is at stake here.

Well, this is part of the story. If you liked it, tell me, you know, in the comment section, if you have any questions, write it down in the comment section and I'll be glad to answer them. All right. Well, thank you for listening. Remember, this is an extra ordinary episodes, and in the next episode, we'll go on to the second part of the episode number three.

All right. Or if we have any other emergency  lockdown story to tell you as I'm still traveling, I haven't been, you know, I haven't gotten back to to Brazil yet. If I find any interesting story to tell you, I'll do it in English and we'll make a magic story out of it. All right, my friend, thank you so much and I hope I really do hope to see you back in Brazil.



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